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Meet Our Talented Southampton Tattoo Artists

Discover the talented artists behind the tattoo artistry at Bamboo Tattoo Studio, your go-to destination for exceptional tattoos in Southampton:

Our Artists: Welcome


The boss man of the studio.

Bam has been tattooing for eight years. Before becoming a tattooist, Bam was a graffiti artist, a skill that transferred seamlessly into black and grey realism tattooing.

Although Bam enjoys tattooing any subject matter, he also loves tattooing portraits. Whether that is from a photo of someone in your life or your favourite famous person or character.

Think Bam sounds like the artist for you? Check him out on Instagram.

Our Artists: About


Tom is the newest member of the Bamboo team.

He has been tattooing for over 10 years, and with 10 years of experience comes a wide variety of tattoo styles. Tom tattoos everything from colour illustration to black and grey realism.

If you need more evidence of his varied style, when asked his favourite subjects to tattoo, the two that jumped out to him were “90’s Cartoon Network and horror Realism.

You can check out Tom’s portfolio and see him in action over on Instagram.

Our Artists: About



Specialties: Versatile in all styles 

Neef fearlessly takes on diverse tattoo styles, ensuring every piece reflects excellence and creativity.

Our Artists: About



Specialties: vibrant colour work, cartoons, anime.

Lesha's talent shines through in her vivid colour work, captivating cartoons, and vibrant anime-inspired designs.

Our Artists: About


Charli is our resident goblin queen and tattooist of five years.

Charli is an all-round creative with a graphic art degree and a bringer of witchy vibes. Not only in her style of tattooing but also in her interests outside of work, which include taxidermy, sewing, and painting.

Charli is mainly a fine-line black tattooist, with a blend of delicate mandalas and whimsical illustrations. However, she is no stranger to other styles and splashes of colour.

To check out Charli, see her tattoos, and see her other creative projects, check her out on Instagram.

Our Artists: About


Billie is our junior artist and has been tattooing for around two years.

Before joining the guys at Bamboo, Billie studied makeup and hair design, as well as creative direction for the fashion industry. Although this seems very different from where she is now, there were many transferable skills that made the transition to tattooing an easy one!

Billie is a black-work fine-line artist, working mostly in stippled, delicate illustrations.

Her favourite thing to tattoo is anything botanical, especially if she can add a dark twist.

To see some of Billie’s head over to her Instagram.

Our Artists: About


Daisy is the Bamboo Tattoo Studio apprentice. Her work really speaks for itself.

Daisy has used the skills she has gained during her fine art degree to create a portfolio of varied tattoo work, showing strengths in different styles and subjects.

Although Daisy is confident enough to take on varied projects, she loves tattooing anime and manga designs, as well as spooky botanical pieces.

To see her work and make a booking, check out her Instagram.

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Book in with our talented Southampton tattoo artists today!

Each artist at our Southampton tattoo studio contributes a unique flair, creating custom tattoos that exceed expectations. Contact us to schedule a consultation and let our talented team bring your tattoo vision to life.

With their diverse skills and creativity, our team of Southampton tattoo artists are able to cater to a wide range of tattoo styles and designs. Our talented team is dedicated to bringing your tattoo to life in the best way possible, whether you desire a traditional piece or a more contemporary design. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and schedule a consultation today!

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